Hello and welcome to TLU!

This page aims to make your settling in Tallinn and TLU as smooth as possible. You can find links to most key pages you will be needing in your first weeks, as well as some tips to help you start you semester the best you can.

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Settling in Tallinn

You will find on this page useful links related to your arrival and life in Tallinn.

General useful pages:



  • There is free Wifi on campus

  • If you do not have a good phone plan (e.g. non-EU country), you can get a phone card at T-215 (University, Terra building, 2nd floor, room 15) or at the ESN office (S-141)

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University life

This page is for all university related matters.

International students can apply for a a student buddy before arriving. They are TLU students who can help you settle in to the academic environment at the university and Tallinn in general.

Key study-related links

Clubs and organizations at uni

  • ÕIS is for: registering to your classes and exams, finding the invoice of your tuition fees, any official information related to your studies

  • Moodle is for: finding class materials, submitting assignments (some lecturers might use something else).

  • It is possible to create a Moodle account without an Estonian ID card (just email them stating that you have not received your code yet)

  • ASIO is a calendar. Note: it is a general calendar for courses so it is not personalized to you like ÕIS

  • Generally speaking, if you have a question, first check the university's website (or the moodle), then email staff (or your lecturer).

  • Try to find out who your course representative is, as they will likely be able to help you if you have some questions or need to communicate with the university staff and lecturers.

  • Room numbers on campus work like this: the letter is the building, the first digit is the floor and the last two the room number. For example, A-325 in Astra building on the 3rd floor.

  • ESN is the Erasmus Student Network, and they organize a lot of events throughout the semester.

  • There is a blog for the humanities department, you can find it: here

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Other fun tips

You can find below various places to find fun events to participate in, or places to visit throughout the semester.

  • You can volunteer at PÖFF (in autumn only)

  • JAFF happens twice a year (once in the fall, once in the spring)

  • Some museums are free to visit on the first Sunday of the month

  • Other museums offer a 3€ ticket on the last Wednesday of the month

  • You can get a 50% discount at the opera with an ISIC card

  • Every Thursday Kino Sõprus offers 4€ cinema tickets

made by Djahane Zaïr for Tallinn University